4 facts about Can Gelat's red wine

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Juicy, fruity, medium body and inviting: this is how you could describe Can Gelat’s red wine in a few words. This wine adds a certain charm to any occasion. Get to know the Red Callet 2021.

1. Pure elegance

Can Gelat's red wine is definitely an elegant, inviting wine. With less color and tannin in the skin, it has the characteristics of a pinot noir. The wine is semi-transparent with a beautiful ruby red color.

The flavor is elegant as well, with spices such as thyme and bay leaf. The aftertaste is purifying, with the distinctive, subtle saltiness of Can Gelat. Deliciously balanced to enjoy chilled or serving temperature.

2. Callet & Manto negro

This red wine is a blend of the Callet grape (80%) and the Manto negro grape (20%).These unique, Mallorcan grape varieties flourish in the Mediterranean climate and complement each other perfectly. The Callet grape provides elegant and balanced wines with a pleasant, moderate alcohol content. Read more about this grape here. The Manto negro is also a grape variety that occurs exclusively in the Balearic Islands. The grape makes for light and friendly wines.

3. The perfect gift

A bottle of red wine is the perfect gift for every occasion. For the holidays, a birthday or just as a thank you: the red callet is an all-rounder. A smile on the receiver’s face is guaranteed.

For example, surprise your loved one with a bottle of red wine from Can Gelat on Valentine's Day. There’s nothing more romantic than a heart warming red wine. Moreover, it lifts up every (home) dinner with its rich, juicy flavors.

Goes well with…

Lastly, the red wine, with aromas of red fruit and cherries, combines beautifully with white meat, poultry, pizza and cheeses. This makes the wine very suitable for extensive dinners in good company, but it also fits well with a cheese platter or light salad.

Became curious? Order the red wine here.