Ecological estate winery

Can Gelat is an ecological estate winery with clean unspoiled soil treated with love and respect for people, flora and fauna.

As part of the Vi de la Terra Mallorca qualification and the Mallorcan CBPAE ecological qualification, our grapes are organically cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides as we seek to preserve soil fertility and vineyard biodiversity. We planted diverse varieties. We keep our unspoiled soil healthy by using a mix of cover crops purposefully. It attracts beneficial insects, improveS soil structure, prevents erosion, retains soil moisture, increases organic matter and soil fertility. We have planted and are conserving almond, fig, olive, apricot and carob trees as habitat corridors. We are using natural compost to enhance diversity in the soil. And as part of a refuge de fauna, we respect the environment, which is the basis to make our beautiful ecological wines, olive oil, almonds and marmalade.

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Ecological wine making

Our ecological vineyard is producing biological wines from local Mallorcan grapes inspired by the artisan wine-producing tradition in Mallorca. We completed our wines with international varietals to make the optimal blend in aroma and taste, resulting in characteristic gastronomic wines.

The viticulture of organic grapes on the steep slopes of Can Gelat involves a lot of hard work and dedication, which is rewarded by the high quality of our healthy fruit and the long-term sustainability of our vineyards. We thrive to produce the best wines with respect for the traditions and the environment. It is a constant development of the latest knowledge combined with passion for winemaking.

Perfect combination of natural elements

All our vines are cultivated biologically on the calcareous rich soils near the Tramuntana Mountains and the brown soils of the vineyard with higher concentrations of clay. Nature provides us with a perfect combination of elements.

We produce ecological vintages from the indigenous GirĂ³ Ros, Callet and Mantonegro grapevines. The cultivated wines are remarkably complex and elegant and our prototype of a real terroir wine makes the trip worthwhile to visit the Can Gelat estate winery.

We would love to share our knowledge and learnings about environmental-friendly winemaking with other wine producers and wine-enthusiasts. Contact us for the possibilities.