What is green harvesting?

green harvest 2

The green harvest has recently taken place at the Can Gelat vineyard. An important part in the growth cycle of the grapes, because it ensures a better concentration and quality of wine. But how does this green harvest work? And why is it so important?

What is a green harvest?

During the green harvest, extra green bunches are cut away from the vine. This happens just before the grapes change color and the sugar content rises. From each vine some bunches are removed. You may wonder why, because it will reduce the yield. But by cutting away excess grape bunches, the energy of the vine can be better concentrated. Nutrients released by the vine are now only distributed among the remaining bunches. The outcome? Healthier and better grapes.

When will the green harvest take place?

There are two distinct harvests in a vineyard: the actual harvest at the end of the season, when the grapes are ripe, and the green harvest. We do the latter about eight weeks before the final harvest.

In Mallorca we are slightly ahead of the average vineyard timetable due to the warm climate. The ripeness of the grapes is in August and September. The green harvest takes place in June.

How does the green harvest take place?

The green harvest is a relatively time-consuming process. At Can Gelat it’s done by hand, so we can inspect the grapes properly. We prioritize leaving one grape bunch per healthy green shoot, and we set a maximum number of bunches per vine according to vine size in order to have well-balanced vines.

The result: premium wine

The result is a better wine with more taste and aromas. Enjoy our balanced, ecological terroir wines. A feast for the eyes, to enjoy in good company.