The Callet: everything you need to know about this Mallorcan grape

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The Callet is a red wine grape varietal that is native to the island of Mallorca. A wine made from Callet is elegant and balanced, with a pleasant moderate alcohol percentage. It will surely remind you of our beloved Mallorca.

Callet grape features

Growing the perfect Callet is not very easy. The grape must be well-managed in the vineyard in order to achieve well-balanced plants, optimal grape ripeness, and fruity and aromatic wines. At Can Gelat we know this grape inside and out.

More features of the Callet grape are:

  • produces large clusters of globe-shaped black grapes.
  • grows well on poor stony soils and has a tendency to be very productive in kilograms per plant
  • very well-adapted to the hot, semi-arid climate of Mallorca
  • does not concentrate high levels of sugar and retain acidity well despite the long and intense summer days

wines from Callet

Wines made from Callet have relatively low alcohol levels, which is a blessing for winemakers seeking to make balanced wines in this climate. The wines have medium body and color intensity and aromas of red fruits like raspberry.

Rosé and red

At Can Gelat we use Callet in our Rosé and Red wine blends. Our pale ruby colored red wine has flavor and aromas of juicy red fruits and an alcohol percentage of 12.5%. It is reminiscent of wines made in a more northerly climate, but is in fact made from 100% organic and mostly Callet grapes grown on our estate here in Mallorca.