Grape harvest 2022 at the Can Gelat vineyard has started!

Grape harvest 2022 blog

We have been waiting for this moment. The harvest has officially started. The first ripe grapes are carefully picked and collected. Let’s make some beautiful wines this year!


We started handpicking the grapes already on Monday 8 August. In Mallorca we are slightly ahead of the average vineyard timetable due to the warm climate and this year because of the higher than usual temperatures. When the weather conditions are favorable and sunny, it is obvious that the grapes will ripen earlier, as their growing season starts earlier as well in spring.

Grape harvest 2022

The green harvest took place eight weeks before we started the final harvest. We made sure the energy of the vine could be concentrated better, by cutting away excess grape bunches. Now, at our final harvest, we can see the outcome: healthy and beautiful grapes.

How do we know the grapes are ripe?

The easiest way to tell is to taste them. We know our grapes and we know how sweet and flavourful they must be. They need to reach the desired sugar and acidity levels before we start picking them. Also, the color of the grapes and maturity and color of the seed are important indications about the ripeness. Our Chardonnay is ripe when it’s starting to get it’s yellow-ish color and it’s beautiful, almost transparent look.

Chardonnay grape harvest 2022

Once we’ve extensively inspected the grapes, the harvest can officially begin. This is a very labor-intensive process, especially because our grapes are handpicked. This requires a big team of pickers. Luckily, we get help from many family and friends.

grape harvest 2022

grape harvest 2022