3x delicious wine from Mallorca by Can Gelat

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Can Gelat's Mallorcan wines are a feast for the eyes and the senses, to be enjoyed in good company. These are our three beautiful wines: red, white and rosé.

White Giró (13.5%)

In a few words: aromatic, well balanced and complex gastronomic wine.

Our white wine is 100% made from the Giró Ros grape grown exclusively in Mallorca. 85% was developed on stainless steel and 15% on 500L new, French oak for complexity. The beautiful, golden color characterizes the grape at maturity. A versatile wine with refreshing aromas of white stone fruit and juicy nectarine, followed by Mediterranean spices and a hint of honey. The flavor is full, silky and smooth, in which refreshing saltiness and a touch of fennel alternate. All of this is accompanied by a pleasant acidity, which makes this a gastronomic wine. The aftertaste contains the famous bitterness and the zest of tangerine, which can be detected for a long time.

Red Callet (12.5%)

In a few words: juicy and fruity with a medium body. Definitely an elegant, inviting wine.

Our red wine is a blend of Callet (80%) and Manto negro (20%). With less color and tannin in the skin, it has the characteristics of a pinot noir. The wine is semi-transparent with a beautiful ruby red color. These unique, Mallorcan grape varieties flourish in the Mediterranean climate, keeping the alcohol content nicely low when aged. The Red Callet was developed on 75% stainless steel and 25% 500L new, French oak. This makes the wine friendly and balanced. The aromas are fruity, with cherries and a touch of tobacco. The flavor is elegant and juicy, complemented by spices like thyme and bay leaf. The aftertaste is purifying, with the distinctive, subtle saltiness of Can Gelat. Deliciously balanced to enjoy chilled or serving temperature.

Rosé Callet (13%)

In a few words: fruity and well-structured rosé with the allure of a top Provence. 

Our rosé is 100% made from the grape Callet, exclusively grown in Mallorca. The wine is developed on stainless steel for its distinctive freshness. It has a bright color with rose gold hues. The aroma is a delicate one, consisting of tropical fruits such as lychee and a hint of limestone. The flavor is rich and characterized by a lovely mouthfeel: juicy, tropical fruit with Mediterranean spices embedded in a pleasant acidity. In the aftertaste a subtle saltiness provides further refreshment to finish with a nice bitterness of citrus. The ideal wine for a sun-drenched lunch, aperitif or dinner. With a nice length in the aftertaste to enjoy in summer.