Introducing Callet 2023



Indulge in the delicate flavours of our latest Rosé Callet. Crafted from a blend of native Callet and Syrah grapes, this Provence pale pink delight dances on the palate with a dry, fruity profile and is a well-structured rosé that lingers long after each sip.

Fermented and aged meticulously in stainless steel, our Rosé Callet preserves the essence of freshness, capturing the taste of red fruits, Mediterranean herbs, and the minerality from our chalky soil and white flowers. Finishing with a cleaning pallet of salinity and a slight mandarin bitter, this well-balanced rosé invites you to savour its complexity with every sip. 

And now, for those who desire more, our Rosé Callet is also available in magnum size.

Pair this wine as an aperitif or alongside salads, seafood, pizza, chicken or a selection of soft cheeses.
Alcohol percentage: 12.5%
Served best: slightly chilled from 8°C to 10°C

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Embark on a journey through the sun-kissed vineyards of Mallorca with our Red Callet, a wine that embodies the harmony between climate and soil. Crafted from 80% Callet and 20% Mantonegro grapes, this juicy and fruity medium-bodied wine is an irresistible choice. intertwined with the aromas of red fruits and cherries, and a hint of spices that provide a long and delightful aftertaste, all complementing each other for structure and elegance with a pleasant moderate alcohol percentage.

Blending tradition and innovation, 75% of this exquisite wine is aged in stainless steel, while the remaining 25% is aged in light toasted 500L French oak barrels.

We recommend pairing this versatile wine with white meats, poultry, pizzas, and an array of cheeses, allowing its nuanced flavors to elevate every dining experience.

Alcohol percentage: 13%
Served best: slightly chilled from 16°C to 18°C

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The Callet grape, native to Mallorca, is a symbol of the island's viticultural heritage. Its cultivation demands meticulous care, resulting in wines that embody the essence of our terroir. A wine made from Callet is elegant and balanced, and will surely remind you of our beloved Mallorca.

Callet Grape Features:

  • Produces large clusters of globe-shaped black grapes. The excess fruit is removed in the cutting process to enhance optimal flavours.
  • Flourishes in poor stony soils and thrives in the island's unique climate.
  • Retains acidity despite the intense Mediterranean sun, and does not concentrate high levels of sugar, producing wines of balanced elegance.

Wines from Callet:

  • Relatively low alcohol levels, ideal for winemakers seeking to make balanced wines in the Mediterranean climate.
  • Medium-body and color intensity
  • Aromas of red fruits like raspberry and cherry.

Enjoy our latest 2023 Callet Wines now.

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