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4 facts about Can Gelat's red wine

Juicy, fruity, medium body and inviting: this is how you could describe Can Gelat’s red wine in a few words. This wine adds a certain charm to any occasion. Get to know the Red Callet 2021.

The Art of Grafting

A season of growth for the ecological vineyards of Can Gelat in Mallorca. While the plants flourish on our hills, new ones are emerging and beginning their journey this year. Thanks to our team of experts, we are grafting 6000 new small vines, which will eventually produce our wonderful wines.

Introducing Callet 2023

Indulge in the delicate flavours of our latest Rosé Callet. Crafted from a blend of native Callet and Syrah grapes, this Provence pale pink delight dances on the palate with a dry, fruity profile and is a well-structured rosé that lingers long after each sip.

Join the new Family Friends Wineclub!

A unique group of friends of Can Gelat, interested in wine and (organic) winemaking and inspired by the good life that surrounds it.

Perfect Pruning, Simonit&Sirch method

We finished our pruning for the 2022 season. Always a tedious job, but always the most underestimated one, because of the importance of it.

Vineyard extension 2022

This winter we took the opportunity to extend our ecological vineyard further to 10 hectares.

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