A gorgeous family-owned ecological estate offering Mallorca's finest biowines

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Ecologically cultivated and carefully hand-picked grapes, fermented and aged to preserve aroma and flavor, result in well balanced elegant terroir wines.

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Good days are to be gathered like grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease - Freya Stark


Our vines grow on calcareous, clay rich soils at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. This ensures freshness and structure in our wines.

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Respect for flora, fauna and people results in balanced and quality wines


Love for the unspoiled Can Gelat soil, creates elegant ecological terroir wines.

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Can gelat Wineclub

Join a unique club of friends. All interested in wine, organic winemaking and inspired by the good life that surrounds it.


Can Gelat viñador wine experience


Live like a real viñador at the can gelat estate in mallorca.



Immerse yourself in sheer luxury and natural beauty


Where luxury meets privacy with extraordinary views and exclusive service.

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An extraordinary place to make memories that last


The perfect location for an intimate wedding or exclusive business retreat. A unique venue for film/photoshoots and culinary specials.

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4 facts about Can Gelat's red wine

Juicy, fruity, medium body and inviting: this is how you could describe Can Gelat’s red wine in a few words. This wine adds a certain charm to any occasion. Get to know the Red Callet 2021.

The Callet: everything you need to know about this Mallorcan grape

The Callet is a red wine grape varietal that is native to the island of Mallorca. A wine made from Callet is elegant and balanced, with a pleasant moderate alcohol percentage. It will surely remind you of our beloved Mallorca.

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